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Committed to the development of high-tech industries

7 subordinate technology companies under the group and a listed company on the Beijing Stock Exchange

Industrial layoutIndustry, intelligent equipment & robots, new materials, new energy, medical health, biotechnology

Kang Hong Group

Kanghong Group is a high-tech industrial group, founded in 2002. On the basis of “nothing” gradually develop and grow. At present, the group’s industrial layout mainly covers four sectors, including high-end equipment intelligent manufacturing, photoelectric new materials, health care and new energy peripheral products. In addition, the group has also invested in 10 companies and one listed company. It is headquartered in Jinji Lake Business District, Suzhou, China.

After 20 years of development and industrial innovation, the group has established cooperative relations with many large research institutions and institutions of higher learning at home and abroad. The group’s business covers high-end manufacturing industries such as 3C communication products, TFT LCD /OLED glass and robot automation integration. Under the support of “Artificial Intelligence Research Institute”, Kanghong high-end equipment manufacturing not only provides standardized and non-standard testing and automation equipment for new energy, consumer electronics, photoelectric lighting, chemical fiber positive and negative materials and other fields. At the same time to provide equipment testing, software development and hardware technical services.

The group is committed to promoting the upgrading of China’s manufacturing industry to the direction of intelligence, automation, information and unmanned. Kanghong takes scientific and technological innovation as the lead, constantly promotes industrial upgrading and development, and always insists on providing users with valuable services. In terms of intelligence, it has accumulated more than 200 patents. After more than 10 years of continuous development, it has realized the development pattern from regional and single industry to global scope and the whole industrial chain. Our development is inseparable from the support and cooperation of customers, shareholders, employees and partners.

As the process of economic globalization continues to accelerate, the Group will continue to advance the international market, talent and management. Adhering to the working philosophy of “innovation, gratitude, dedication and development”, we create the most complete industrial chain with the best product quality, the best service and the most trustworthy, and provide the best international service for customers. To become a global excellence enterprise.


development path

Twenty-one years of leapfrog development, never stop, facing the future

Face the future, innovate and develop

Kanghong Intelligence won the title of "Suzhou Gazelle Enterprise"

Kanghong Intelligence achieved good results again

Kanghong Intelligent Co., Ltd. won the title of "Suzhou Top 100 Intelligent Manufacturing Enterprises";

The title of provincial "specialized and special new" small and medium-sized enterprise;

layout biomedical technology

In 2022, it will be rated as "Suzhou Innovative Small and Medium-sized Enterprises";

In November, a new company was established: AlienCoo Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., oriented to biomedical technology

Industrial Agglomeration
Moved to Kanghong Intelligent Ecological Park

In 2021, the Kanghong Intelligent Ecological Park will be officially put into use, and the industries under the Kanghong Group will relocate and gather

Rated as
Industrial Internet Demonstration Benchmarking Enterprise

In 2020, it was rated as "Industrial Internet Demonstration Benchmarking Enterprise" and became a member unit of "Industrial Internet Industry Alliance"

Industrial upgrading layout 5G

In 2019, based on the Suzhou R&D Center, the industrial upgrading and development of national strategic projects such as 5G and aerospace intelligent equipment will be carried out

Invested in the construction of Kanghong Intelligent Ecological Park

In 2018, Kanghong Intelligent Ecological Park was built in Luzhi Ancient Town, Suzhou, planning an industrial cluster

Established Kangyuan Industry

In 2017, Kangyuan Industry was established to lay out the big health and medical industry

Kanghong Smart: 839416

In 2016, Suzhou Kanghong Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. was listed on the Beijing Stock Exchange. We also have our own code Kanghong Intelligent 839416, mission: to make manufacturing smarter

Kanghong Electronic Technology
Kanghong Intelligent Equipment

In 2015, Kanghong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. changed its name to Kanghong Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., and was more deeply engaged in the research and development and manufacturing of intelligent equipment and testing equipment

Established the group headquarters

In 2013, we established a group headquarters with Suzhou CBD center next to Suzhou Jinji Lake

Established Kanghong Electronic Technology

In 2008, Kanghong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was established. Our mission is to lead the development of enterprises with innovation

Established Huitong New Materials

In 2005, Huitong New Material Technology Co., Ltd. was established, facing the field of special paper and other new materials. It is the leading domestic company engaged in the whole product chain of liquid crystal cellophane, automobile cellophane, cover cellophane, special liner paper, etc., and provides new material solutions for global customers.

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Message from the Chairman

Chairman of Kanghong Group: Mr. Zhao Guoman

For the business we are about to start, we could not foresee how much room for development it would have, but we have always been confident that as long as we do our job well and take good care of our customers, our business will be unlimited!

corporate culture elements

Be grateful and do things with heart